Mexicans in New York Eye Gay Marriage Approval At Home

Produced May 20, 2010

Many Mexicans in New York City’s gay community left their home country in order to flee discrimination and the need to pretend to be someone they were not. But now they watch from abroad as Mexico City passes gay marriage, while their new home, New York, awaits marriage equality.

Standing Up At City Hall

Produced Dec. 12, 2010

Joseph Garber is City Hall’s own personal watchdog. Garber, who is also a co-director of the Civil Service Merit Council, has attended, and spoken at, nearly every bill-signing ceremony since Michael Bloomberg became mayor of New York City. He also works to attend and speak multiple city agency hearings and forums, which brings him to the City Hall area nearly every day.

Standing Up at City Hall from Erin M. on Vimeo.